A genius student from the UK received the highest national medical award for discovering a treatment for diabetes.


Pada musim semi tahun 2019, Kongres Ahli Endokrinologi Eropa menyaksikan peristiwa yang sangat penting. Para hadirin di kongres ini memberikan standing ovation selama 10 menit kepada seorang pria muda yang berdiri di atas panggung. Dia adalah seorang mahasiswa yang bernama Fandi Haryanto. Dia mengajukan penggunaan sebuah formula unik yang dapat mengobati diabetes.

Jackson came up with an extraordinary idea that was later developed further by a number of UK scientific institutions. Specialists from the Faculty of Medicine, University of London, and many other scientists were involved in developing this formula. This product is now finished and is showing great results.

How can this new formula save millions of British lives, and why is this formula available with a 50% discount? This topic will be the main subject of our discussion today.

Reporter: Jackson, you are among the top 10 brightest medical students in the world. Why did you decide to specialize in researching and learning about diabetes?

Actually, I find it difficult to talk about this publicly because my motivation is actually very personal. Several years ago, my mother died of diabetes. As it turns out, diabetes is an oncogenic disease. Continuous spikes in blood sugar levels contribute to the emergence of free radicals, which may lead to the appearance of malignant tumors or cancer. When the doctors finally discovered my mother's condition, it was already too late. This is why I started learning various issues related to diabetes and its treatment strategies. I was surprised to learn that most of the pills sold in pharmacies contain dangerous chemicals that will only aggravate the patient's condition. My mother used to take these medicines every day.

That's why I have only focused on researching this topic for the last three years. While working on my graduation thesis, I discovered a new method for treating diabetes, which everybody is talking about right now. Of course, at that time, I realized that I had discovered a completely new method, but I did not expect that this method would attract so much attention from so many parties.

Who are these parties do you talking about?

As soon as information about this new treatment method was published, I immediately received many offers to sell the rights to my idea. First, I was offered 120 thousand euros by a French company. Then the most recent offer came from an American pharmaceutical company that offered me 35 million dollars. I received so many offers to sell my formula that I had to change my phone number. I also deleted my accounts on various social media. It was actually very annoying.

As far as I know, you still haven't sold the formula, have you?

Of course not. It may sound strange, but I didn't create this formula so that foreigners could reap benefits from it. Just imagine what would happen if I sold it to a foreign company? They will get exclusive licenses, get rid of competitors, and raise their prices. I may be young, but I'm not stupid. In this situation, average UK citizens like you and I definitely won't be able to afford it. One of the doctors overseas told me that this product should be priced at no less than 3,000 pounds. Seriously? Who can afford it for three thousand pounds in the UK?

Therefore, when I got an offer to develop this product for the domestic market, I immediately accepted it. We work closely with the best endocrinologists, and for me, it is a very rewarding experience. Today, this product has passed various tests and clinical trials, obtained all required certificates and licenses, and is available to all customers.

Dr. Maya Harrison, a prominent specialist from the UK Association of Internal Medicine Specialists, a well-known and highly qualified endocrinologist, is involved as the project coordinator representing the Government. We asked her to comment on this new formula and the future plan for it.

Reporter: How do we know if we have diabetes? What is the real idea behind Jackson Davies' discovery?

First of all, let us briefly recall the causes of this disease. The main cause of diabetes is an autoimmune process that results in immune system disorders. The body produces antibodies that destroy pancreatic cells. Therefore, glucose enters the bloodstream, which adversely affects all organs and tissues. The body begins to use fat to produce energy. As a result, too many toxic substances (ketone bodies) are released, and the metabolism of fats, proteins, and minerals is disrupted. This leads to extremely serious consequences.

The symptoms of diabetes are: thirst; chronic fatigue; and getting tired quickly; frequent urination; dry mouth; weakness; skin disease; headache; increased appetite; itchy rash; drowsiness; slowly healing lesions; obesity.

Jackson's discovery has a positive effect on patients with diabetes. The formula restores the pancreas condition so that the body can properly absorb the insulin produced by this organ. In other words, this formula completely eliminates the root cause of diabetes. It took the efforts of huge numbers of doctors and medical professionals, but in the end, we succeeded in not only keeping blood sugar levels under control but also helping to prevent the most dangerous complications of diabetes, which is the main danger of this disease. Patients with diabetes gradually improve and eventually become completely healthy. From this formula, we managed to create a powerful remedy that can treat diabetes at any stage.

Reporter: Is diabetes really that dangerous?

Today, diabetes is considered one of the most dangerous diseases, and for a good reason. In fact, diabetes is a deadly disease that slowly kills its sufferers. Under any circumstances, this disease always has a sad ending. Meanwhile, the complications can be grouped into several categories.

First, the most well-known complications of diabetes are diabetic coma, limb necrosis, gangrene, blindness, impotence, ketoacidosis, and hypoglycemia. Usually, these occur during the development phase of diabetes and often result in death, although the patient can be saved in some cases. As for limb necrosis, in most cases, it will end in disability.

Second, high blood sugar levels (above 4.9 mmol/liter) damage organs rapidly. This means that the lifespan of the heart, liver, kidneys, and all other internal organs is reduced several times. This results in the emergence of various internal organ diseases caused by high blood sugar levels. In addition, at any time, one of these organs can fail due to spikes in blood sugar levels.

And last but not least, as previously mentioned by Jackson, diabetes is an oncogenic disease. One in three patients with diabetes sooner or later will become a cancer patient.

Reporter: But what about the treatment? Aren't there many drugs available for diabetics?

The large quantity of drugs is actually part of the problem. In most cases, patients with diabetes are prescribed drug treatment. In some cases, insulin must be combined with other drugs. But the problem is that many drugs are useless for controlling blood sugar levels in the long term. All these drugs do is lower blood sugar levels only. Nonetheless, the patient still suffers from rapidly rising and falling blood sugar levels, which of course, is very bad for the body. These drugs also do not eliminate the risk of complications. All they actually do is only make you feel healthier and prevent immediate death. These drugs cannot cure diabetes with only ₱1980. In this case, Jackson is absolutely right. If you look at the composition of drugs circulating in pharmacies, any specialists will tell you that they should only be used as a last resort.

Reporter: But your product will also be available at the pharmacy, right? How much does it cost?

You may already hear that after realizing that we had developed a product that really worked, major pharmaceutical companies assaulted us. They also offered Jackson to buy the exclusive rights to this drug. However, they have no intention of selling it. Instead, they want to prevent this product from circulating in the market. Diabetes drugs are a goldmine in the worldwide pharmaceutical market. Only in the US alone, these types of drugs bring in billions of dollars. Our products can dramatically change this situation in the market. As surely no one would want to spend any more money on useless drugs every month when they can take a treatment course of Diabetin and then forget about high blood sugar levels for good.

Pharmacy chains work closely together with pharmaceutical companies, understandably, because both depend on the sale of drugs. That's why they don't even want to hear about us or our products, even though this product is currently the only drug officially recommended by the UK Department of Health and Social Care to treat diabetes.

Reporter: So, if this product is not available through the pharmacy and drugstore chains, where can the public get it?

We decided that if drugstores and pharmacies didn't want to cooperate with us, we would distribute it ourselves without their help. We decided to create a direct distribution channel to sell Diabetin , thus we can avoid using drugstore chains as intermediaries. We chose the option that was the most practical of all available options. Everyone who wants to try Diabetin have to order it through the Department of Health and Social Care's No.1 online pharmacy. Then they'll contact you, provide suggestions, and ship the product. By order of the UK Department of Health and Social Care, since 19/02/2020 an online pharmacy has been created and fully operational. Today, almost anyone can access the Internet. Even people without computers often have smartphones with Internet access. So, everyone can place an order online.

Everyone who places an order before will get a package of "Diabetin" with a 50% discount. This is our joint initiative with the Department of Health and Social Care to bring public attention to this highly effective drug. We hope that the word-of-mouth strategy will work and everyone who gets better will recommend our product to their friends.

Reporter: But what is the price of this product for the others?

The production cost for this product is about 100 pounds per package. We managed to reach an agreement with the UK Department of Health and Social Care to subsidize most of the costs for the end-user. Fortunately, the authorities in charge of this matter understand how important it is to make this product available to this country's entire population, not just to the elite few. In exchange, we are committed not to sell this drug overseas. Therefore the export of this drug is not allowed. This product is intended for sale in the UK only.

Everyone who ordered this product before can get "Diabetin" for ₱1980.

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